Mosborough Primary School

Through Inspired Learning We Achieve Our Dreams


Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr Martin Fallon

Head of School: Mrs Genaya Smales 

Assistant Heads: Mr Peter Walker, Mrs Suzanne Napier, Miss Hannah Mason and Miss Alex O'Neill



Miss Michelle Nicholson & Miss Joanne Tibbs (F2)

Miss Laura Ball (F2)

Miss Alex O'Neill (Y1) & Foundation and Y1 Phase Leader / Miss Jessica Galvani (Y1)

Mrs Katie Cooper (Y1)

Mrs Louise Fenton (Y2)

Miss Lizzie Kirton (Y2)

Miss Stephanie Plant (Y3)

Miss Hannah Mason (Y3) & Year 2 and Year 3 Phase Leader

Miss Naomi Chisholm (Y4)

Miss Laura Mossman (Y4)

Miss Joanne Craig / Mrs Sarah Maxwell (Y5)

Mr Peter Walker (Y5) & Year 6 Phase Leader

Mrs Suzanne Napier (Y6) & Year 4 and Year 5 Phase Leader

Miss Victoria Sanderson (Y6)

Mr Guy Turner (PPA - Music)

Mrs Jessica Johnson (PPA - French)


Learning Support

Mrs Anne Clarke (Family Involvement Leader, Child Protection)

Mrs Karen Needham (F2)

Mrs Dawn Cawthorne (F2)

Mrs Lindsey Wales & Mrs Amy Reid (Y1)

Mrs Julie Worton (Y1)

Miss Kelsey Palfreyman (Y2 and F2)

Mrs Mel O'Connor (Y2)

Miss Kay Farmer (Y2)

Mr Jack Roper (Y2 and F2)

Mrs Gillian Timms, Mrs Rachael Woolley & Mrs Corinne Broughton (Y3)

Miss Emily Goodwin (Y3 and Y1)

Mrs Jayne Bradshaw (Y4)

Mr John Pummell & Mrs Jenny Slinn (Y5) 

Mrs Helen Reeder (Y6)

Mrs Jane Hovey - SEND support 


Admin Team

Mrs Claire Baker (School Business Manager)

Mrs Joanna Howe (Admin and Clerical Officer)

Mrs Mandy Clayton (Admin and Receptionist)


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Mary Turner

Miss Sara Fidler

Mrs Lyn Williams

Mrs Karen Unwin

Mrs Debbie El Tawab

Mrs Caroline Ayres

Mrs Caroline Lally

Mrs Angela Buck

Mrs Kelly Bailey

Mrs Delina James

Mrs Lucy Bradbury


PE Apprentice

Mr Ryan Guest


After School Club

Miss Emma Burgin (Play Leader)

Miss Emily Goodwin (Play Worker)

Mrs Karen Unwin (Play Worker)

Mrs Kelly Bailey (Play Worker)

Mrs Lucy Bradbury (Play Worker)

Mr Ryan Guest (Play Worker)


Autograph (Interserve) Catering Team

Mr Jon Turner

Mrs Jane Fretwell

Miss Pam Needham

Mrs Fiona Mansell

Ms Debbie Vigrass


Site Supervisor (Interserve)

Mr Nick Baxter