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Additional and Special Educational Needs

Mosborough Primary School supports a wide range of children, including those with additional and special needs. For some children these needs are ongoing, for others they are short term. Whilst a small number of children join our school with clearly identified needs, other children's needs emerge as they grow older and we seek to develop a deeper understanding of their needs.

At Mosborough Primary School, all children receive quality first teaching where lessons are designed to meet the needs of all pupils. Ultimately, we aim to develop confidence in our learners and move them forward, maximising their potential in every way possible. All staff are responsible for regular, robust monitoring of children's progress, both academically and emotionally. Through close communication with parents and Senior Leadership, we are able to target our support in a range of ways, individually tailored to a child's needs. This can be delivered through quality first teaching, additional in class support, small group or one-to-one intervention support.

Mosborough Primary School links closely with outside agencies to provide support for our children and families. We value the links with Speech and Language Service, the Multi Agency Support Team, Learning Support and Educational Psychologists. These services provide advice and assessment when needed but also the reassurance to parents and carers that school is catering for vulnerable pupils. The Multi Agency Support Team (MAST) can provide a wide range of services for our children and families and when required can provide support outside school.

We have a great deal of support from our staff and parents which we value on a daily basis. Here at Mosborough, all staff are dedicated to providing all children with quality teaching and provision in order for them to provide their full potential, regardless of ability.

Mrs Genaya Smales is our SENCO

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Mrs Anne Clarke is our Family Involvement Leader

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 Further Information

  • A full copy of our Special Educational Needs Policy is available here
  • For our SEN Information Report, please click here
  • For the SEN 'Local Offer' provided by the Local Authority, please click here
  • For the Sheffield Support Grid (SSG) click here

Sheffield City Council Short Break Grants

Families can apply for up to £400 to go towards a short break / support / respite activity.  Click the link below to find out more or download the application packs.

Useful sources of information, support and resources

Sheffield City Council SEN links

Services and activities for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.  Click here for more details.

The new Education, Health and Care Plan

From 1 September, Statements of Special Educational Need will be replaced by Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans. The new EHC Plan will give the same statutory protection, but now cover from birth to age 25 and will extend the rights to young people in further education and training, including apprenticeships, who currently have a Learning Disability Assessment (LDA).  Find out what the changes mean for your family by clicking here


OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed to make reading easier for some symptoms of dyslexia.  Find out more here.

Family Fund

Family Fund are the UK's largest grant-giving organisation helping low-income families caring for children and young people with disabilities or serious illnesses. Find out more by clicking here.


Sheffield based charity supporting children and families with Aspergers Syndrome & High Functioning Autism

Further information about My Plan and EHCP