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Mosborough Primary School

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 What do we want it to look like? (Intent)


How has it been planned out? How are the skills and knowledge organised?


At Mosborough, we have designed a high quality curriculum that ensures pupils are able to develop their key skills and knowledge progressively throughout their 4 years. We have chosen specific vocabulary to re-visit and build upon each year in order to ensure that the vocabulary is embedded in the children’s long term memory. Autumn term is focussed on meeting people and discovering a new place. Spring term is focussed on food and Summer on fashion and music.


Our language curriculum aims to ensure that our children develop as linguists and global citizens so they can adapt their skills and knowledge to other languages.


What is happening now? (Implementation)


How is it taught? How do you know?


  • Clear, progressive curriculum design
  • Spaced learning to ensure learning is embedded
  • Weekly 1 hour sessions
  • Focussed and targeted assessment to ensure attainment is high and progression is clear
  • Children are aware of steps in learning and know what they need to do to improve
  • Clear written and verbal feedback and time to respond to feedback
  • We work alongside schools and professionals in the target countries


Book scrutiny, lesson observation feedback, subject deep dive from OFSTED inspector and feedback from other school’s has supported and consolidated my view of the subject.


What does the subject look like? How do you know? How is progress measured? How do you ensure the skills are built upon?


90 % of children in KS2 are working at expected standard for their year group or above. I use assessment documents to inform my planning and differentiate learning for the children using the Cave languages framework for progression and assessment.


Skills are taught progressively and broken down into small steps so progress is visible. Children enjoy their lessons and are becoming confident speakers. We feel that we need to narrow our vocabulary and develop core vocabulary to ensure vocabulary is embedded and can be used from memory.  We are aiming that children will be able to speak more spontaneously from memory in year 6.


The MFL leader from the local secondary school has also emailed to tell us how impressed she is with our children’s skills and knowledge when they are beginning secondary school and feedback from our school development inspector has been extremely positive.


What are your next steps?


This year:

  • We wish to develop our new curriculum to ensure that it is working for our children.
  • We wish to develop our relationships with new contacts and partner schools.
  • Evaluate the curriculum and lessons each term.

Supporting documents and useful links:

Our Modern Foreign Languages Policy can be viewed here

Our Modern Foreign Language long term curriculum and skills progression can be viewed here