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What is Pupil Premium?

The school is allocated Pupil Premium money for all children who are currently eligible for free school meals, have been eligible at some time during the past six years, are children of service personnel or are looked after children.


What is the school required to publish?

The school is required to show the amount of pupils eligible for funding and the amount we receive as a consequence of this. We also have to show how we intend to spend the money and the impact of the actions upon the children in receipt of funding.  In addition, from September 2016, schools are required to publish a Pupil Premium Strategy report.


How we present the information.

We present several pieces of information for your consideration:

  • the amount of funding and numbers of pupils
  • the way we intend to spend the funding
  • the impact of the funding
  • links to specific pieces of work undertaken


On 18 October 2019, the Department for Education released updated guidance on the reporting of pupil premium spending. As a school, we welcome the notion of a 3 year strategy. A key change is the online reporting of pupil premium spending. For the past five years, we have simply published the document that is shared with you. New guidance states that the online statement.



  • not intended to be an accounting tool
  • not intended to monitor within-class or within-school attainment gaps
  • not used by DfE to monitor how effectively you’re using the pupil premium
  • not used by DfE to allocate future funding
  • only used by Oftsed to help them prepare for their visit and not for any other purpose

While you may find disclosing the rationale behind complex choices difficult, it’s important that parents and governors can understand how you’re using the pupil premium.


Source: November 2019


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement