Mosborough Primary School

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PE at Mosborough


At Mosborough Primary School, children have access to two hours of Physical education lessons a week. As part of these PE lessons, children learn Dance (through our Dance curriculum ‘iMoves’), Gymnastics (through REAL Gym) and Games, balance and coordination (through our curriculum REAL PE). Also, children have the chance to undertake Orienteering and other sports.

Furthermore, we are lucky enough to have many profressional coaches teaching the children a range of different sports. So far this year, the Year 1, 2 and 3 children have undertaken Ball skills coaching (with our coach Mr Rockett from SJD sports coaching), through this they have developed their early stages of ball skills, balance and coordination. Furthermore, the Year 4 children were coached Rugby by Mr Rockett. In addition, a coach from Hatters Basketball has coached our Year 5 children. After school and lunchtime clubs have been set up in response to the popularity of these coaches teaching the children.