Mosborough Primary School

Through Inspired Learning We Achieve Our Dreams

Clay coil pots

To end our Greek Topic we have designed, made and painted clay coil pots, inspired by Greek Vases. See below for examples of our art work!


This term we have been looking at Dance in our PE sessions. Over the past few weeks, the children have been using movements to re-enact Greek battles and invasions. We have used travelling movements, turning movements along with cannon and levels to create dance sequences. We have been counting in beats of eight and the children have choreographed their own dance pieces.

Our final dance pieces were inspired by the Greek ‘Trojon Horse.’ The children used building movements such as sawing, climbing and hammering to ‘build’ the Trojon horse, followed by hiding movements as they ‘prepared to battle.’

The children have shown excellent team-work and have enjoyed learning the moves, choreographing their pieces and performing to an audience.

See the videos below for examples of our learning, well done Y3!

Wishbone Day 2015

On Wednesday, 6th May, the children came dressed in yellow to help raise awareness of Wishbone Day. Wishbone Day is an international community awareness effort for Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as brittle bones.  Thank you to all those who showed their support!

Science afternoon

Today, 22nd April 2015, the Y3 pupils were visited by two students from the University of Sheffield, Samson and Fran!

Our visitors helped us to find out lots more about our Science topic for this half term, Magnets! The pupils explored the different uses of magnets, found out more about magnetic materials and tested different objects using magnets. Samson and Fran showed us lots of interesting experiments that helped us understand attraction, repulsion and the different magnetic poles.

See the gallery below for pictures of our afternoon; we were all impressed when the magnet worked through the chair!


Greek Culture Morning

Today, 16th April, Helen and Dennis from the Greedy Greek Deli visited Y3 to help us find out more about Greece. Our morning included, learning the Greek Language, discovering more about the Gods, Greek dancing and even looking at traditional Greek clothing. We were also lucky enough to try some authentic Greek foods which included meatballs, spinach pies, falafel and humous.

EFHARISTO (thank you) to the Greedy Greek Deli for a fun and exciting morning. A special YIAMAS (cheers) to Mr Walker for being a good sport!

See the gallery below for photographs of our morning!

The Year 3/4 production

Here are the Y3 Rowan pupils in their costumes, ready to perform! A big thank you to family and friends who came to watch the show, the children really enjoyed themselves!

World Book Day 2015

The pupils in Year Three Rowan dressed as their favourite book characters and shared their favourite books to celebrate World Book Day!