Mosborough Primary School

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Surviving the Working World

Tuesday morning was extremely exciting for the children in year 4 as they had the opportunity to quiz the adults in their families about the jobs that they did. We had a midwife and mortgage advisor, a solicitor and sales people, a financial advisor and fireman, and many more! We all got a great insight into the best (and the worst) aspects of surviving the working world. Many of the children were inspired by what they discovered and we would like to thank all of the parents who got involved.

To launch our writing project this half term, the children have been imagining what it would have been like to live in Pompeii during the time of Mount Vesuvius erupting. We spent a morning acting out what the citizens of Pompeii did at the time of the eruption and describing how they would have felt. The children played lots of different characters like slaves, gladiators, bakers and children. We got lots of brilliant ideas for our writing project where the children will write a first person recount of what happened.