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We Are Willow!

What is my child going to learn about this term?

We have sent home a copy of the learning we have planned for your child this term. On this sheet you should find an explanation of what will be covered for each area of the national curriculum. You will also find aspects we describe as ‘memorable experiences’. These are the elements that will bring the learning to life for the children. You will also see an ‘end product’ section. Here we describe what the children are working towards; this could be a display, performance or a piece of writing. We believe this helps to give the children a focus or reason for learning the information.

We hope that this information, coupled with the class newsletters and the planners will give you a deeper understanding of the year your child is going to have in school. It might also give you some ideas for how you can best support them.


Our final Visitor ... was BIG Jofli!

We got an extra special visit from Big Jofli to tell us all about who he helps and how he helps them.

He told us all about how he helps our class bear 'Little Jofli' by feeding him, brushing his teeth, putting his clothes on and playing with him. He also told us how he helps children to cross the road, stay healthy and how he hugs people to make them happy! Mrs Needham enjoyed the hug from Big Jofli lots! We even got to dance with him. You can find the video on YouTube of Big Jofli dancing to 'Gangnam Style';

We got a HUGE surprise when he told us how he was actually a superhero and how he had superhero friends; 'Bat Bear', 'Spider Bear' and 'Super Bear'. We got to meet them and we found out that they protect people from the baddies!

During his visit he also set us a learning challenge. We had to turn ourselves into a superhero and write about our costume, powers and our personalities. Everyone did a great job but there could only be one winner chosen by Big Jofli. In Willow class he chose Ralph to win a special prize. WELL DONE RALPH! After the visit we also did lots of writing about the bears and Jofli's car.


Over the last few weeks we have had some great visitors come along to the foundation classes. The children have been very enthusiastic and really enjoyed asking lots of questions. This first hand experience is vital to support the children to learn new things, we really appreciate the support we have received.

The children have learnt about the following 'People Who Help Us':

 - Fire-fighters

 - Mums

 - Police

 - Nurses

 - Dental nurses

 - Soldiers

 - Fitness Instructors

 - Charity Workers

What great WOW moments in our topic!

We have concentrated on using our questions words; Who / What / Where / When / Why / How.

We have also produced some wonderful literacy work around facts and used all of the information we found out from our visitors.

ALERT: Crime in Foundation!

After welcoming the children back to school and enjoying a wonderful week of learning we had a terrible thing happen in both of the Foundation classrooms :-(

The children alerted us to a crime that had been committed. The money from our maths activity had been stolen! We had no idea what had happened but we knew we must investigate! After hunting in our classrooms and outdoors we found the money and some clues that we hoped would help us to figure out who committed the crime. We wrote investigation reports for the police which included the names of our suspects. We thought the robber could have been Mr Fallon, Pam, Mrs Clarke, Burglar Betty or Burglar Bill. We sent the reports to the police in the hope they would help further.

On Wednesday we received a message to say the police had used our reports and other evidence to identify the main suspect.

BURGLAR BILL… Naughty Burglar Bill!

Once we knew who we were trying to catch we all created ‘WANTED’ posters to put up around school and around the area. The police helped us to track down Burglar Bill.

Please ask the children what happened next . . .

Our Summer 2 Topic and Learning:

*People Who Help Us*

Easter Learning

During our Easter learning we listened to, discussed and acted out the Easter Story. The children enjoyed watching cartoons and giving their opinion on what happens in this Bible story.

We also created some instructions for making Easter buns and all worked hard to follow them. The buns looked and tasted really delicious!

Sport Relief

In the last week of term we all limbered up ready to take part in the 'Mosborough Mile' run for Sport Relief. The children were fantastic with every one of them running the whole, or most of the mile! We warmed up on the infant yard and we were all full of enthusiasm ready to go, go go!

We made sure we replenished ourselves afterwards with a big drink and a tasty bun. We also had time to sneak in a little nap! Thank you for all the donations and a huge well done to all of the children in Foundation :-)

World Book Day

We had a very exciting 'World Book Day' with a visit from the famous author 'Kate Pankhurst' who writes the 'Mariella Mystery' books! She told us all about her work and stories and even brought along one of the characters to meet us, the 'Spaghetti Yeti!' We had the chance to think up our very own strange and wonderful characters and I think you will agree how wonderful our artwork is! We may even see some of these characters appearing in Kate's next book!

 Our Chicks

After a long wait our little chicks finally hatched! Willow class had 4 chicks whilst Cherry class had another 4! We decided to name our little babies, 'Gingerbread', 'Berry', 'Nippy' and 'Pancake'. We were very caring for one little chick called Petal who hatched but was a little poorly. Luckily she is nice and healthy now!

We all really enjoyed caring for them and petting them, although many of the children seemed to disappear when it came to cleaning out the cage!

Our Spring 2 Topic and Learning:


To start of our topic we have had a great visit from Debs at 'eggucation' -

She brought in two hens for us to meet and learn about. They are called Cindy PomPom and Repecca! During the visit we fed and stroked the hens. This was a lot of fun for us all!

The children listened really well and joined in a quiz about the animals that come from eggs. They were then able to learn about chick eggs, hatching and how an incubator works.

Before she left Debs helped us to set up our incubator full of eggs. Over the next half term we will be monitoring the eggs and finding out about what is happening inside the shell. We cannot wait for the chicks to hatch out!


Our Spring 1 Topic and Learning:


The Willow class alien costume winner:


Alien Day

To finish off our topic we had an exciting alien day!

Thank you to all those parents and carers that supported the designing and creating of the alien costumes. They were truly wonderful to see. On the day the children also designed and made their own alien biscuit.

We have new friends . . .

Over the half term we have found out that the spaceship belonged to an alien called Zig. He has been very friendly and has sent lots of letters to us. We have been kind to him by answering his questions, giving our classroom labels, teaching him about what we do in school and writing letters back to him. Mr Fallon was not happy that he left footprints around the classroom and scratches on the walls.

On his trip Zig also met our second alien friend Beegu. They have been on adventures together and we really enjoyed writing to them.

If you want to read about them at home, both of our alien friends are in story books. These are called 'The Way Back Home' and 'Beegu'.

We have now said goodbye to our alien friends and sent them off with lots of cards and notes saying how much we would miss them.


OH NO . .  . Something has landed in our quad!

It is something exciting and amazing!

Something we have never seen before! WOW!

It is a spaceship that has crash landed on our planet.

We talked about how it got there and who it might belonged to.


Christmas Nativity!

We worked so hard over the last few months to learn, songs, lines and actions to create our fantastic nativity play 'A Miracle in Town'. We hope you enjoyed it! If you didn't mange to see it here's a sneak peak on what you missed out on!

Lots to celebrate and remember! 09.11.2015

It has been an exciting week at school this week.

We have learnt about the celebration of Diwali. We read the story of Rama and Sita and explored the meaning of this festival. We discovered it was called the 'Hindu Festival of Lights' and is a time where people remember how good defeats evil. The Demon King was quite scary!

 We all joined in activities to celebrate this festival including making Rangoli footprints, lanterns and making arrows to defeat the Demon King.

We were incredibly proud of all children this week when they all took part in a 2 minutes silence for remembrance day.

We talked about the meaning of this day and said we would use the 2 minutes to think about all of the brave people who are no longer with us and those who still help to keep us safe in our country. Children made their own poppy pictures throughout the day.

Finally, we finished the week with our 'Children in Need' day. The children learnt about being 'Champions of Change' and we listened to the official song. All children joined in the fun and donated their money to help the school raise lots. We made spotty repeating pattern headbands and created our own 'Champions of Change' watches.

I think we all enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas and all children enjoyed donating their money to get a very tasty Pudsey Bear biscuit.

Thank you for all of your support!

Have a look at our class photograph . . .

In maths we have been learning about positional language.

We worked on using language like; next to, behind, under, between, in front, on and in.

Mrs Needham helped us to practise this! Ha Ha!

Miss O'Neill then found her magic glue and we created a class photograph by moving into the different positions we were given.

We are still doing this now with our friends and using this great language.


Good News! Good News!

After a week of investigating we found the Mosborough Bear!

He was very cheeky and was doing lots of silly things around our school. Luckily Mr Fallon had the idea to check the cameras. We found him swinging on the tress, rolling in the grass and even caught him peeking into Mr Fallon's office!

Luckily we think he has left us in peace now!


Have a look on our new display board that is outside Cheery class to see some of the great learning we did during this investigation.

Uh Oh... What has been in our classroom?


We came back to school to find three huge muddy footprints in our classroom!

We decided it was a good idea to go on a hunt. Together with Cherry class we out on our coats, grabbed our magnifying glasses and set off on the hunt!

We walked quietly and carefully around to the junior yard. It wasn't long before we started to spot clues and we all became quite scared.

We found lots of unusual things that we think will help us to find out what / who put the muddy footprints in our classroom. We found:

1. Scratches on the wall

2. More footprints

3. A big poo

4. A wet and muddy hole

5. Brown and orange fur

6. Holes in the football nets

7. Branches that were broken

8. A big hole in the bushes

9. Two broken bricks


When we return to the classroom we began to think about what it could be. Everyone had such great ideas and it was fantastic to share them. Willow class think it could have been a bear, a dinosaur, a fox, a wolf or a rabbit. The children were in deep thought and excited to try and find out who / what has been in our classroom. Some great responses were given!


 " I think it was a bear because we found footprints that look like a bears"

" I think it is fox because it has orange and brown fur"

" I think it was a wolf because it has brown fur"

" I think it's a bear because I know that a bear can scratch and climb trees"

" I think it was a dinosaur because they have sharp claws "


What do you think it could be?




We think our first open afternoon was a wonderful success. We are very thankful to those parents, carers and family members that came along to support the foundation children celebrate their first topic 'Dinosaurs'.

We had many different activities to choose from on the day, these included:

 - making dinosaur biscuits

 - creating repeating pattern spiked hats

 - exploring an making dinosaur skeletons

 - reading a range of books we have used during the topic

  and looking at literacy books

For us, the best part was the marvellous performance the children gave of 'Im a mean old dinosaur'.

Over previous weeks children decided upon their actions and practised each day to perfect their performance. ?We think they were all very brave and did an excellent job!


Our Visit from Specsavers . . . We must take care of our eyes!

The children had a visit from Specsavers. They learnt facts about their eyes and how to take care of them. We enjoyed the discussions about shapes, colours and what we see. All children had the chance to try on glasses and we all agreed they gave us super powers!

Here are some photographs of our session:

Harvest Fun!

The week of the farmer's market was a very very busy one in Foundation.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported the market and came along to buy our delicious 'Harvest Hotties'. We just could not believe how quickly we sold out!

The children worked incredibly hard to prepare the products for you and we hope they are very proud of themselves. We certainly are! It was great to see the children using their maths, literacy and art skills to each create a 'Harvest Hottie' and a beautiful Harvest stall filled with posters, decorations and photographs.

During the week we also learnt about harvest, why we celebrate, drew harvest pictures, made salt dough hedgehogs, explored some harvest foods and made sure we were confident with our counting skills to make our product.

Here are some of the pictures from our week:

We're going on a Dinosaur hunt,

We're going to catch a big one,

What a beautiful day,

We're not scared!!

This week we went on a hunt for a dinosaur. We packed our rucksack, grabbed our map and off we went!

We followed the route over the red line, up and over the stairs, through the tress and under branches.

Look what we found!

Henry was brave enough to go inside the cave and bring out the dinosaur egg!

Our Learning in our new classroom...

Here are some of the activities that we have been doing in our class during the first few weeks: 

We have settled in! 

It is wonderful to see most children now very settled in Willow class and ready for learning. We have been doing lots of work during these first weeks all about the rules and routines of our new classroom.

Here is our Behaviour Charter. We all printed our hand to agree that we would try our best to always make these good choices.

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