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Running Club

Thursday afternoon Running Club is pausing for breath for the time being. It usually meets after school on Thursdays and is for Year 4 to Year 6 pupils. All ability levels are welcome so whether you are a complete beginner or an Olympic gold medalist come and join us running along the paths through the fields behind the school. We also compete on some Saturday mornings throughout the year at various Sheffield schools cross country events. If you have any questions please see Miss Mossman, Mrs Johnson or Mr Pummell.

Graves Park cross country - Saturday 29th February 2020

Concord cross country - Saturday 2nd February 2020

Brunswick Primary School cross country - Saturday 25th January 2020

Longley Park cross country - Saturday 30th November 2019

Gloves and long running trousers were the preferred kit items on this frosty morning in north Sheffield. Freezing overnight temperatures created firm conditions underfoot enabling a fast pace. In the Year 4 girl's race, accomplished finishing positions of 51st and 56th were achieved. For the boys, excellent teamwork was demonstrated by Noah and James, running the entire race together, helping one another up the hills and completing the course in commendable 94th and 95th places. Thank you to all our competitors and their families for their dedication and support throughout 2019.

Bradfield cross country - Saturday 16th November 2019

Wet and slippery conditions greeted today's runners following several days of constant rain. Grass turned to mud as the morning progressed. A short, steep hill proved to be the most interesting feature of the course and to their relief, all Mosborough competitors managed to stay on two feet at this challenging section. Undefeated by the slope, our racers were able to hurtle towards the finish line in commendable times with a notably determined effort by Lottie from Year 4.

Parkwood Springs cross country - Saturday 28th September 2019

Alternating between sunshine and rain, the weather proved to be highly unpredictable this morning. Eager, enthusiastic and energetic, our Mosborough team climbed the initial ascent alongside the crowd of fellow racers from all over Sheffield. The course then plateaued offering spectacular views of Hillsborough and beyond. Finally, the cascade of athletes returned to the cheering spectators at the finish line. Mosborough Primary School was well represented today with an impressive debut run by Year 6's Ethan.

Bolehills Park cross country - Saturday 14th September 2019

A bright morning accompanied the commencement of the new Sheffield schools cross country season. The Year 4 runners faced the challenge of one lap of Bolehills Park while those from Year 5 and 6 completed two. All Mosborough entrants showed great determination. Highly commendable performances included a 19th place for Year 4's Harry W and a 12th place for Year 6's Theo. Particularly deserving an individual mention is Year 6's Taylor for demonstrating kind and sporting behaviour. As one of the photographs shows,Taylor paused running to check if a struggling competitor from another school was alright and able to continue in the race.

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