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Welcome to World Explorers!

Turkish Tile Printing

Spanish Fan Folding

Eiffel Tower Modelling



This week we have learnt all about France! We learnt some key facts and language phrases and then tried some French food. The baguettes and croissants were firm favourites but there were some funny faces and a dash for water when trying the Camembert cheese!

We then made 'Eiffel Towers' from marshmallows and spaghetti! They were very impressive! Great team work 'World Explorers'!

Week 2


This week we have learnt all about Germany! We learnt that the capital city is called 'Berlin' and there are over 80 million people living in Germany! We also learnt that bread is very popular in Germany, and we made our own pretzels!

We learnt some key language phrases and tried some German food. The German salami went down well, but there were mixed reviews of the Bavarian smoked cheese! Did you know that Haribo originated in Germany!? Strangely there were no complaints when it came to trying those...

Week 3


This week we have learnt all about Spain! We learnt the capital city, the population and all about the weather! Did you know that in Spain they have a huge food fight every year called 'La Tomatina' where they throw tomatoes at each other! Sound very messy!

We also learnt some key language phrases, such as 'Hola' - 'Hello' / 'Me llamo' - 'My name is' / '¿Cómo Estás?' - 'How are you?

We tried some Spanish food; the chorizo was a success, the Manchego cheese received mixed reviews, but the Spanish olives had most children rushing for the bin!

We also made a Spanish fan, now we just need to practise using it along with our Flamenco dancing!

Week 4


This week we have learnt all about Turkey! We learnt that the population of Turkey is 75 million and the capital city is called Ankara! We found Turkey on the map and looked at the Turkish flag! Did you know the sea to the north of Turkey is called 'The Black Sea'? We also learnt lots of other facts, like the fact that Santa Claus was born in the town of Patara on the South West coast of Turkey between the years of 260 and 280AD!

Learning Turkish was tricky but we learnt some key language phrases, such as 'Merhaba' - 'Hello' / 'Güle güle' - 'Goodbye' 

We tried some Turkish foods like flatbread and hummus and delicious 'Turkish Delights'!

We looked at Turkish tiles and noticed how many were symmetrical and featured flowers, leaves and shapes. We had a go at making our own!

Week 5


This week we have learnt all about Italy! We learnt that the population of Italy is 60 million and the capital city is 'Rome'. We also learnt that the Gladiators used to fight in Rome in the 'Colosseum' and there are many volcanoes in Italy, such as Mount Vesuvius and Mount Etna.

We decided to have a go at making our own volcanoes! We shaped the volcano from play dough and then mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create an eruption. It was very exciting! We even got to see some real volcanic rock and ash that Jack had kindly brought in to show us!

We tried some Italian antipasti such as mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes, but not many children were keen on them!