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Gardening Club 2019


Week 8: Wednesday 10th July 2019

Today, we harvested our vegetables. Unfortunately the beetroot did not grow but the carrots did! We pulled them out the soil, washed and grated them and ate them with bread, crackers and hummus! 
Well done Gardening Club!

GC 2019 Week 8

Week 7: Wednesday 3rd July 2019

This week we have watered our growing vegetables and put our completed bug hotels around the gardening area. We found spots which were in corners and cracks!

GC 2019 Week 7

Week 6: Wednesday 26th June 2019

This week in gardening club, we began making bug hotels. We chose appropriate resources and covered them. Next week we plan to finish them and put them in a suitable place for bugs to enjoy!


Week 5: Wednesday 15th May 2019

This week we checked up on our carrots and beetroot seeds. They are beginning to grow!
We then hunted for items to complete our mini gardens. We found stones, grass, leaves, daisies and added the pea shoots too.
Take a look at the end results!

GC 2019 Week 5

Week 4: Wednesday 8th May 2019

Today we had to do our watering duties to ensure our carrot and beetroot seeds get the best chance for growth.

This warm weather will certainly help!

GC 2019 Week 4

Week 3: Wednesday 1st May 2019

Today we did some indoor activities. We soaked pea shoots with water in hope that they will grow mini shoots.

We plan to use some of these mini shoots to represent trees on our mini garden!

Our mini garden will be on a paper plate and have all the features of a normal garden. We began designing our garden layout in preparation of real features.

GC 2019 Week 3

Week 2: Wednesday 24th April 2019

Today, we sowed our beetroot and carrot seeds into our soil.

We watered them thoroughly. Take a look at us busy in action.

GC 2019 Week 2

Week 1: Wednesday 17th April 2019
Gardening club is finally underway! Today, our job was to de-weed the bed ready to plant new things next week..
The children worked hard to pull out old vegetable roots and a few wiggly worms too! Great effort everyone.

GC 2019 Week1


Gardening Club 2018




Week 6: Wednesday 6th June 2018

Today we watered all of our growing vegetables. After this, we began  to design our own mini garden! We sketched them with items such as grass, flowers, butterflies and a path. Next week we will be adding 3D items to bring our garden to life.

GC2017-18 Week 6

Week 5: Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Today, we sowed our radish seeds. We repeated the same process as the peas! (Digging, creating rows in the soil and sprinkling our seeds before covering). We watered all our growing items too.

GC 2017-18 Week 5

Week 4: Wednesday 9th May 2018

Today, we sowed our carrot seeds. We repeated the same process as the peas! (Digging, creating rows in the soil and sprinkling our seeds before covering). 

GC 2017-18 Week 4

Week 3: Wednesday 2nd May 2018

After de-weeding the rest of the soil, we planted our pea seeds outside. We needed to make a hole and slot our growing peas into the soil. It was a tricky task but we all managed to plant our peas successfully.

GC2018 week3

Week 2: Today, we began de-weeding the gardening beds. We met some worms along the way!

GC 2018 week 2

Week 1: To start Gardening Club, we each got a plastic cup half filled with soil and planted four pea seeds. We then covered the seeds with more soil and watered. We will need to sow them outside in a few weeks. Great start!

Gardening Club, week 1

Gardening Club 2017

Week 1: Gardening Club began! The children of our ECO committee filled a flower bed with soil, making sure it was even and ready for planting.


Week 2: The children engraved rows for their radish seeds to be planted. They then carefully sprinkled the radish seeds into it before covering with the remaining soil. They did a great job and worked very well together to complete the task (despite the weather).


Week 3: Today the children were soaking pea shoots as another part of their salad to eat! We made big trays with them in and soaked them through. We also put some of the leftovers into little glue lids so that we can use them to create our mini gardens in a few weeks time!


Week 4: Today we visited the garden to check on our radishes. We watered them and then began searching for sticks and twigs to make our insect attractors. We returned to the classroom to decorate our cardboard tubes. 


Week 5: Today we chopped our pea shoots that have grown over the weeks and we ate them with cream cheese on brown bread. Most of us really enjoyed them!


Week 6: Today we watered our radishes and checked on their growth. After this, we finished our insect attractors and found a comfy spot to place them!


Week 7: Today we watered our radishes again before planting our cress seeds on wet paper towels. We also began designing our mini gardens!

Children's University celebration event!

After weeks of gardening, growing, watering, designing, making, protecting and eating, we attended the Norfolk Park Center for a celebration event of 'Project in a box'. 

The children discussed their activities which had been completed in gardening club and then they took part in 4 main tasks!

These were:

Watering relay race              Harvesting                Bee mystery trail                Habitat homes

Take a look at the gallery below, to see the wonderful effort of the children!