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Oak Class


Spring Term


We have had a fabulous first week back after the Christmas break.  The children were so excited to share stories about their holidays and it has been lovely to hear them all!  We have settled back into the school routine well and had lots of fun whilst learning. 


Have a look at all the exciting plans we have for our learning this half term.

Do we always appreciate what we've got?


Our topic question this term is: do we always appreciate what we've got?


 As geographers, we will identify the capital cities, countries and seas which make up the UK.  compare Sheffield and Scarborough by studying the human and physical features and begin to understand the geographical similarities and differences. 



We will consider what we like about Sheffield and design our own bunting which represents our city to display in our classroom!


We started our Autumn 2 term in style with our fabulous Diwali celebration.  We have been learning about Diwali, the festival of lights, which we have all really enjoyed.  We have explored rangoli patterns, performed a dance and wrote a report all about it.  We made lanterns at home and created some fabulous artwork in school using a printing technique where we created a design on a polystyrene tile, used rollers to cover it in paint then printed it on paper.  The big reveal of our print was so exciting!  Then, we held a celebration evening so our grown ups could come and learn all about Diwali and look at our wonderful learning on display.  Our lanterns were lit creating a beautiful walkway entrance and we were even dancing on the big screen!  It was a fabulous evening and we thank you all for taking the time to come.  Our print designs are still on display in reception if you missed it.

Farmer's Market

What a fabulous way to end our first half term in Y2 Oak!  In our last week we learnt all about enterprise by deciding upon a product to sell, creating our very own company name - Y2's Delicious Bakes and catchy slogan -  Applesolutely Delicious, designing then voting for our winning company logo and thinking about advertising by creating posters.

We taste tested the finest seasonal ingredients and learnt about where all the ingredients came from before measuring, weighing then finally making our very own Seasonal Apple Biscuits.  We obviously had to evaluate them before selling them to our customers!  We decided they were indeed delicious! 

We enjoyed looking at all the other stalls around the Farmer's Market, before opening for business.  We all had a turn working behind the counter, selling and counting out the change and thank you all for coming and supporting us.  It wasn't long before we'd sold out!  We raised over £100 just on our Y2 stalls, selling over 100 packs of biscuits.  We think Alan Sugar would be proud!

The Twits

This half term we have thoroughly enjoyed reading and writing about The Twits.  We particularly loved the Wormy Spaghetti chapter where Mrs Twit hid worms in Mr Twit's lunch!  

We had lots of fun using role play to sequence this chapter.  Some of us even tried to look like Mr Twit with jumpers for beards! From digging up worms in the garden, to cooking the lunch, then sitting down to eat it and even laughing, clapping and stamping our feet at the end just like Mrs Twit, we made excellent Twits!  

Parent's Expectation Meeting

If you were unable to attend, the slides from the meeting are below:

The Magic "Get Away With It" Ring!

Our amazing Y2 Oak class blew me away this week with their big ideas in our P4C session.  We found a magic ring called the "Get away with it" ring - if you popped it on your finger you became invisible.  You could do whatever you wanted and get away with it!  Nobody would know!


When asked what they would do ideas ranged from "taking all the sweets from Mum and Dad and keeping them for myself" to eating all the ice creams in the supermarket!"


When asked what they should do the children suggested "taking food to all the hospitals in Africa", "giving my presents to children who don't get any" and "looking after homeless people." 


I am so proud of how thoughtful, kind and grown up their ideas were! 

We are Curators!

Last week we received an exciting letter from Megan who works at the Sheffield Industrial Museums.  She has asked us to become museum curators and look after some of the museum's artefacts!

We have really enjoyed exploring these over the last week.  Like true historians we wore gloves to investigate the artefacts and learn more about life in the Sheffield steelworks!

We have lots of questions that we want to answer and explore further.   We can't wait to find out more!

First week in Y2 Oak.

Our first week in Y2...

We have all had a wonderful first week in year two.  The children have enjoyed lots of different activities and have worked really hard.  We have been counting, reading, skipping, hopping and asking lots of questions, to name but a few!


Pom Poms, Class Dojo and House Points!

The children can earn dojo points as well as pom poms while they are in school.  House points are awarded for the very best examples of learning and behaviour!

We award dojo points for individual achievements so don't forget to keep track of your points on the app at home.  

Image result for class dojo

We earn pom poms for whole class achievements.  This half term, our targets are:

-being the best that we can be

-to be ready for learning


Rewards will be earned as the pom poms reach the next target level! 

Once full our class reward will be a movie and popcorn!

How did it all begin?

Our topic question this term is: how did it all begin?

We will be using different sources of evidence to find out about life in the past in Sheffield.  We will use images, interviews and artefacts to discover what life was like for Sheffield steelworkers and how their jobs changed over time.

We will become curators and present our learning in a Sheffield museum at the end of this half term!