Mosborough Primary School

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Pupil Parliament 2020-2021

Your duly elected Pupil Parliament representatives:

Year 2 Palm: Eva Savell and Florence Dale

Year 2 Oak: Jude Burgin and Evie Chapman

Year 3 Banyan: Connie Russell-Ward and Ellie-Jayne Kenny

Year 3 Rowan: Anya Fedotov and Isabella Broughton

Year 4 Elder: Harry Mackley and Amelia Laycock

Year 4 Acacia: Daisy Gibson and Erin Kirk

Year 5 Cedar: Aaliyah Wraith and Abbie France

Year 5 Maple: Benjamin Adams and Nancy Bowes

Year 6 Olive: Eva Williams and Claudia Johnson

Year 6 Redwood: Darcey Glaves and Ryan Benton