Mosborough Primary School

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Eco Committee 2020-2021

Video interviews

The Eco Committee have been asking their peers how they can be respectful. Some gave examples of how to be kind, others discussed how they respect the environment.

Year 1 Fir

Year 2 Palm

Year 3 Rowan

Year 3 Banyan

Year 4 Elder

Year 4 Acacia

Year 5 Cedar

Year 5 Maple

Eco Committee Election

Our newly elected Eco Committee members for the current year are listed below. Foundation members will join after Christmas. Come back soon to see how we work to protect the environment.


Year 1: Evelynn Shirtcliffe and Harriet Johnson

Year 2: Izzy Parkin and  Tommee Savage

Year 3: Scarlett Shirtcliffe and George Nicholson

Year 4: India Burgin and Zak Shugafi

Year 5: Billy Farmer and Elijah Wootton

Year 6: Farai Bassett and Lucas Hobson