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Eco Meeting:
Today we continued to make our presentations. We hope that at our next meeting we can present them to our class. We are taking a huge focus on littering.

Eco Com 2019

Focus areas decided:

After weeks of assessing the school, Team Eco got together to decide the 3 focus areas for the year. We also plotted our action plan with ideas to target each area. 

These areas are:

1. Energy                              2. Litter                                3. Biodiversity 

Team Eco: Y4, 5,and 6 receiving their jumpers

Assessing the school:

Today there was a meeting with the Year 4,5 and 6 team members. We completed the same assessment grids as KS1 did the following week. The children identified some of the same issues and some different ones too. 

Above you will see them receiving their new green jumpers!

Team Eco: Year 1, 2 and 3 receiving their green jumpers.

Assessing the school:

Today there was a meeting with the Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 team members. We had to find out information about the school and answer questions to help us decide our new focus areas. The children did a great job. The children came up with some super suggestions based on our findings. The next plan is to meet with the rest of Key Stage 2 this Friday and see if we can come to an agreement to focus on. 

Above you will see them receiving their new green jumpers!

Team Eco: Our new team 2018-19

Team Eco 2018-19

Our new ECO team has been decided!

Meet our new members:             

Y1 Fir-Amelia Windle
Y1 Beech-Ava Taylor
Y2 Oak- Rhys Dinwoodie
Y2 Palm- Daisy-Lou Gibson
Y3 Rowan- Eva Snowden
Y3 Banyan - Max Hunter
Y4 Acacia - Georgia Snowden
Y4 Elder - Harry Fisher
Y5 Maple- Sumayyah Alsadon
Y5 Ceder -Georgia Newton
Y6 Olive- Evie Mae Fowler
Y6 Redwood- Sienna Barranco and Jess Newbould

Scroll down to view Team Eco 2017-18

Eco Committee 2017-2018


Our new ECO Team has been decided! 

Meet our new members:

FS Willow-Phoebe Redfern

FS Cherry- Scarlett Shirtcliffe

Y1 Beech- Conor Barber
Y1 Fir- Seth Gambles

Y2 Oak- Vinnie Parkin
Y2 Palm- Noah Tongue
Y3 Banyan- Samuel Brown
Y3 Rowan- Carter Bingham
Y4 Acacia- Finley Widows
Y4 Elder- Jessica Coyle
Y5 Cedar- Josephine Doona
Y5 Maple- Millie Adams
Y6 Redwood- Eliza Sefton
Y6 Olive- William Hartley

Meeting 1: Introduction to each other and the plans for the future. We even decided on some new recycling bins for the outside of the KS1 and KS2 yards. Job 1 was a success!

We also had our first group photo! One was showing how excited we were to be apart of the new ECO squad! I wonder if you can see which one. . .

Spring 1: Switch Off Fortnight

We gave each class a task to help with our 'Switch Off Fortnight'. They were asked to monitor when their teacher switches off their interactive whiteboard (IWB) and to complete a poster to help remind their teacher to switch it off.

Our ECO team displayed posters around the school to help promote this energy saving fortnight. (Below). 


Advertising Switch Off Fortnight

The winning class with the most entries was Y3 Banyan! They were given a class prize (of their choosing!). 

Each class picked a winning IWB entry and were given a EDF prize key ring (below). Well done to all who took part!

Switch Off Fortnight competition winners!

Spring 2: Reviewing our school 

The KS1 and the KS2 children reviewed the school for all 9 areas important to the ECO criteria.

We found out questions about:

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Energy
  3. Global Citizenship
  4. Healthy Living
  5. Litter
  6. School Grounds
  7. Transport
  8. Water
  9. Waste 

In conclusion to our findings, we have chosen our 3 focus areas for the rest of the school year: 

What a team!

It is unfortunately time to celebrate the year and begin to promote the job role to pass onto another member. The children have implemented changes to the school like daily litter picking and new outside recycle bins as well as standing in front of the whole school to talk about litter and the effects plastic is having on the environment. 

The children were rewarded with house points for their amazing dedication all year!

Thank you guys!

Team ECO 2017-18