Mosborough Primary School

Through Inspired Learning We Achieve Our Dreams


Our aim, through P4C sessions, is for all pupils to become articulate and develop the ability to justify answers, arguments and opinions. We teach the importance of participating collaboratively in discussion by maintaining attention, staying on topic and initiating and responding to others' comments.

It is through well-structured P4C sessions that children will be provided with the opportunity to consider and evaluate different viewpoints, and develop their skills of oracy, questioning, critical thinking and reflection. Children are taught the importance of contributing to the smooth running of an enquiry and the need for rules and democratic procedures to facilitate this. Children understand they must treat others with respect. The values evident in P4C exemplify British values.

What is water worth?

During Science week, Year 5 Cedar have done many experiments surrounding getting clean water. They have carefully thought about the worth of water.

What makes a good team?

Year 2 Palm first discussed the qualities needed to be a good friend.They then thought about what makes a good team and how goals can be achieved by working together.

Would Maya customs still be allowed today?

Having previously learnt about Maya customs, Year 6 Redwood then considered which would still be appropriate for the modern world.


Should we always express our opinions?

After Year 2 Oak discovered a "Happy Hat", they discussed what we need to be happy.

In a different lesson, they thought about why sometimes it is better to not express opinions in case it hurts other people's feelings.


What is a refugee?

Year 6 Olive have been thinking about how people become refugees and whether or not we should help them.



Foundation Cherry have been reading the book "If...?" and deliberating the question "What if cats could fly?"


What does happiness mean?

Year 4 Elder have been discussing their interpretations of the meaning of happiness and how the actions we take have consequences for others.


"The Journey"

On World Philosophy Day, Year 4 Acacia explored the book "The Journey", a story about refugees, and talked about how it made them feel. They have also been thinking about why it is important to consider the opinions of others and not just their own.


What do we need to be truly happy?

Some members of Year 3 Rowan think that happiness cannot be bought and we all need somebody to love.


Rother Valley P4C Champions Event

To celebrate P4C, our school joined with Halfway Juniors, Reignhead, Beighton Infants and Waterthorpe Infants to hold a P4C Champions' Event at Rother Valley. There was plenty of thinking whizzing around the room as children aged from 5-9 participated in enquiries about a diverse range of topics. It was inspiring to listen to such polite, reflective and critical thinkers sharing  their ideas with other children from our community.

P4C this week was a whole school affair as class representatives from Year 2 through to Year 5 came together to begin thinking about a new Mosborough Value 4 Life. To support the children's thinking, Spectrum Theatre Director, Andy Gardiner, led the workshop which provided the children with the opportunity to read from his script 'In Someone Else's Shoes' and act out examples of  behaviour.  Below are some of the children's comments and photos from the session. Watch this space to learn which value the children choose for us!

"The teaching of philosophy is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to empower students to act as free and responsible subjects in an ever more complex, inter-connected and uncertain world." Michael Higgins, Irish president (2016).

"Philosophy won’t bring back the jobs. It isn’t a cure-all for the world’s current or future woes. But it can build immunity against careless judgments, and unentitled certitude. Philosophy in our classrooms would better equip us all to perceive and to challenge the conventional wisdoms of our age." Charlotte Blease, The Guardian (2017) 

Foundation stage children have been developing their thinking skills this week in a P4C enquiry which compared the abilities of different animals. They then went on to independently select their own animals from the P4C resources area to role play their enquiry.

Y6 pupils have been thinking about their approach to life and how to make it a positive experience. Inspired by a story about animals discussing the point of life, the following questions were generated.

Today, Y6 Redwood listened to a stimulus about a fishing village whose livelihood was ruined after a new dam was built. The enquiry generated the following final thoughts from each group.

P4C provides opportunity for SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) learning. In particular, it allows time to wonder, to reflect and to respond to the children's questions.