Mosborough Primary School

Through Inspired Learning We Achieve Our Dreams

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum will provide fun and exciting opportunities that will stimulate children’s imagination. This will include opportunities for problem solving, developing self-esteem and exploring and developing the children’s own interests. By encouraging collaborative learning, we will ensure that children are both self-motivated, and challenged by others.

Our curriculum will allow children the freedom to take risks, to know that failure is a part of their learning journey, and that their mistakes can be utilized to achieve success. Children will be given the skills to be independent learners who can reflect on their learning, and be able to improve upon it. Our curriculum will teach children to do this by using the skills of critical thinking and using tools of analysis and reasoning.

Through an engaging curriculum with hooks into learning, linked with the children’s own interests, children will not be ‘spoon-fed’, but will instead take ownership of it. They will care about their learning and will be proud of every end product.

The world we live in is ever changing and our curriculum will allow children to grow to be adaptable, with transferable skills that will equip them to thrive.  Through our curriculum, children develop their appreciation of Mosborough Values, and the values of others.


For more information about our curriculum, see our class pages!