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The REAL Approach at Mosborough

This page aims to showcase the great work that parents and children are doing this year in our workshops.

At the top of the page you will find the yearly plan and some general information about the REAL Project at Mosborough and what it means to us as a school.

As you move down the page you will see information and photographs from both the Literacy and Maths workshops that we have taken part in.

If you have any questions please come to see us. You will find us in F2 Willow Class.

Thank you, Miss O'Neill (Alex) and Mrs Needham (Karen) :-) 

Update: The REAL Project Yearly Plan

The REAL Project

Staff and parents in the foundation stage are starting their exciting journey together to 'Raise Early Achievement in Literacy' (REAL). This year we have also decided to provide this opportunity for Maths.

Parents in the foundation stage joined us for a welcome meeting to get further information about the REAL project. We promise that the treats, tea and coffee were not the only interesting part of this session!

We talked through the different elements of the project and how it supports both the children and parents with their literacy and maths skills. It was great to have such enthusiastic parents ready to go on this journey with us.

An information book has been created to provide more information about the project and how it works:

Welcome Event

To start the project we organised a welcome event for all parents and children involved this year. Thank you to those parents who joined us for this session. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the room as you all shared hot chocolates, treats and stories with your child!!

As part of this event, parent's received resource packs filled with lots of exciting things to support literacy and maths learning at home. The literacy packs included writing equipment, a note pad, a sound mat, phonics flashcards and a talking tin. The maths packs included number cards, a number line, a whiteboard & pen, a set of numicon, number formation rhymes, shapes, dice and counters.

Here are some photographs from the event:

Literacy Workshop 1

Little Red Riding Hood

Our story for this session was 'Little Red Riding Hood', we focussed on the Literacy strand 'Books'. However, it was very clear to see that parents and children also began to use skills from writing and oral literacy to complete the activities.

We started by reading the story as a large group. Together, we pointed out the important features on the front cover and talked about what we could see. We read the story together, pausing to check for understanding and we did lots of joining in.

After the story, children worked with their grown up to choose and access the different activities available. They could choose from letter writing to the wolf, sequencing the story images, painting and writing speech bubbles for characters, creating maps, decorating biscuits to describe the wolf and adding instruments to key parts.

It was such a wonderful experience to be apart of and it was great to see both adults and children joining in. Everyone was engaged and there was a huge amount of literacy taking place. Thank you to all of the grown ups who attended this session. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

Enjoy your home learning tasks!

Here are some photographs from the first workshop. Well done to everyone! Super learning :-)

Maths Workshop 1

Number and Number Rhymes

Our first maths session focussed on number rhymes. We started by doing a very exciting number dance. We all stood together and made the shapes of the numerals by waving our scarves to the music. We focussed on doing straight lines for those numbers such as 1, 4 and 7. We then moved into curves for numbers such as 2, 5 and 3. We also did circles to help with numbers such as 0, 6, 8 and 9. 

The grown ups then all selected a number card which all include our number characters that support the children's memory. The children helped to order them correctly from 1-20 and we chanted as we moved up the number line.

In the same way as the literacy session the adults worked their way around a number of activities which focussed in on numbers, numerals and rhymes. The activities included, singing number rhymes, ordering our characters, moving to number beats, sweeties hop counting, 10 little monkeys pictures (shape and numerals) and number hunting in the environment.

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm, it was a great session!

Good luck with your home learning!

Here are some photographs of the wonderful learning that was taking place:

Literacy Workshop 2

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

This was a very fun filled workshop. Thank you to those who joined us!

It is very clear that everyone has grown in confidence and the enthusiasm for literacy amongst the children is wonderful! 

We started our session by reading the story, focussing on how to use a books. questioning and pulling out interesting bits of the story e.g. noises, speech and expression. We also talked about words that we didn't understand.

After this time p[parents and children worked together to engage in the activities provided. These activities included:

 - matching uppercase and lowercase letters

 - large scale letter formation - speech bubbles for dinosaurs - making a 'pants' sandwich and writing about what was used to make it

 - ordering the story using images 

 - adding music to the story.

As a home learning task children decorated huge pair of pants with different patterns. They then recorded 4 speech bubbles to describe them. The focus for this was for the children to use their phonic knowledge to write labels e.g. spotty or to write the simple sentences that we have been focussing on in class e.g. It is / I can see / The


A huge well done to all those children and parents that are now showing so much motivation and confidence with literacy! We are very proud!

Here are a selection of photographs from the session:

Maths Workshop 2


Our second maths workshop has a large focus on number and the children's understanding of number. Thank you to those parents and grandparents who joined us! It was a lovely afternoon filled with children eager to learn and show off their number knowledge.

During the workshop the children and their grown ups engaged in the following activities:

 - Forming play dough numerals and amounts to match

 - 'Sweet Addition' that included writing in number sentences

 - A number hunt that involved identifying amounts of sweets on cards all around the room and outdoors

 - playing a dice game to find totals, represent amounts and add amounts together

 - Building towers with number blocks and playing games like 'Which one is missing'

 - using the ipad to access maths games that link with those used in school

 - representing amounts to 20 using finger paints to create caterpillars

As a home learning task parents and children have been encouraged to make their own number challenge caterpillar. This is what we use in school to work on number ordering and games involving the numerals to 20.

Here are a selection of photographs of the learning during the workshop:

Our Trip

Thank you to all for those grown ups who came along to our trip to Crystal Peaks! We hope you had as much fun as we did... are your legs as tired as ours too???

The aim of the trip was to increase our confidence and enjoyment for learning. On our walk to the tram we were hunting for letters, words and numbers. All children were great at this! We got on the tram to Crystal Peaks where we continued our search. We used our phonics skills to read words that could be decoded as well as looked out for tricky & high frequency words. There we so many numbers too that some children ran out of space to record how many times they had found the numerals, WOW!

During the visit each child bought a story book. We hope that there will be some great bedtime reading happening!

Here are some photographs of our day:

When we returned to school the photographs from our trip were made into books. We modeled writing sentences for the pictures using our phonics skills and shared ideas about what we might write for each photograph. Adults worked with their child and supported them to complete their own book about the day.

Here are some lovely examples of the work produced: