Willow Class

With Miss Plant and Mrs Needham.

Below is the overview for the learning the Spring 1 term. 

Alien Visitor

When we returned from the Christmas holidays, we found some mysterious items in our big yard! There was green slime, green footprints, scraps of metal and a golden egg! We predicted what it could be and then discovered it was Yazz who had got lost from Mars! His video messages told us how he had landed here and was unfamiliar with planet Earth.

Take a look at our experiences with him!

Willow class

With Miss Plant and Mrs Needham.

Below is the overview for the learning this Autumn 2 term. 

We're going on a bear hunt!

When returning from the half term holiday, the children in Willow class discovered a muddy footprint in the classroom! There was a trail of porridge too. They decided a hunt must be done around the school!

They found scratches on the trees, cracks in the floor, holes in the mud, broken sticks and fallen trees, and finally a pile of poo! After checking the school cameras, it was learned that a bear was hanging around the school.

Take a look at the evidence for yourselves!

Using Positional Language

In our Maths sessions, we have been focusing on positional language. We gathered in a circle for one of our activities and the children were instructed to place a variety of objects in different places.

They listened for words such as on, above, behind, in front, next to, under etc. Everyone could correctly place the bear or a building block into the correct, directed place!

Take a look at us in action!

Raising money for Children in Need!

Making Gingerbread men

Following our Traditional Tale topic, we have explored the story of 'The Gingerbread man'. We retold the story and then followed a recipe to make our own Gingerbread men! The children worked hard by following the recipe in the correct order.

Take a look at our wonderful baking!

A special visit to the Space Dome

The Foundation children were given a special opportunity to visit the Space Dome!

We sneaked inside to see and learn a little bit about our planet, the other planets and stars. The children were so amazed by what they saw! 

Our Christmas Nativity

The children of Willow and Cherry class put on a fantastic performance of 'A King is born'. The children were praised for using such loud, clear voices when speaking, beautiful voices for singing and lovely actions for the dancing.

Well done to each and every one of you! You made us so proud!

A trip to St Marks church

After performing our Nativity story, we visited St Marks church to learn some more information about Christian beliefs and how they celebrate around the Christmas period.

We were able to make and observe Christingles, listen to the Nativity story with each important character and enjoy the beautifully decorated Christmas trees which were surrounding the church. We even retold the story with costumes too!


 With Miss Plant and Mrs Needham.

Below is the overview for the learning this Autumn term. 

Welcome to Willow class!

Here is our Class Charter that we all agreed and sorted together. We then printed our hand prints around it to agree we would all make good choices in the classroom. We have made a great start to Willow class.

Our class rewards!

In Willow class, we will be using Dojo points as a way of rewarding positive behaviour within the classroom. We will give points away if children have shown independence, stick ability, curiosity, creativity or respect. These will be frequently referred to within our learning environment and parents can track their child's amount on the Dojo App!

At the end of each half term, the children who have received the most Dojo's will receive a certificate and a prize to show off their consistent positive behaviour. Good luck children!

Our first home learning task!

For our very first home learning task, the children were asked to create their own treasure box to store 5 of their important items in. It was great to see the effort and time put in to decorate and fill their boxes so meaningfully. Take a look at their hard work below.

Our first week of school!

During our first week of school, the children went on a tour around the whole building whilst listening out for different sounds with their listening ears. We could hear talking, banging, music, tapping, ringing and lots more noises! Check out our wonderful head wear

Our Dinosaur Hunt!

Willow class received a map showing us where some dinosaur bones and eggs were hidden. After planning ahead for our dinosaur hunt, we went exploring the school grounds to find them. We had to look under things, over things, next to things and in things. We successfully found the eggs and the bones and brought them back to the classroom for further investigating.  

Take a look at the adventure we went on!

Harvest market

For the Harvest market, Willow class made and sold Volcano Hot-Chocolate cones and Fossil Fancy biscuits. These ideas linked with our dinosaur topic. They did a fantastic job and sold every last one!

Take a look at all the hard work which went into them below. 

Dinosaur celebration 

To end our wonderful Dinosaur topic, we invited parents in to watch our Dinosaur counting song and dance and lots, lots more! We showed off our super writing tasks in our books and got creative making dinosaur biscuits, skeletons and hats. 

Take a look at the fun we got up to below!