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Welcome to Year Three Rowan!

Class rewards

This half term in Rowan we will be using a raffle system. Pupils be be awarded raffle tickets for fantastic contributions to class discussions, excellent manners and great work among many other things. Every afternoon, the raffle will be drawn and the winner will receive  a small prize. 

In Rowan we will also be using pom poms in the jar. When the class are on task, working hard, cooperating among other things they will receive a pom pom. The class will be working towards whole class rewards decided by them. 

Alongside this, in Rowan we will be using table points.  These will be awarded regularly throughout the day to the table who is ready to learn first, or who work well as a team. At the end of the week, the table with the most table points will win a small prize.

Class charter

Y3 Rowan's Pupil  Parliament representatives

Y3 Rowan's Eco-committee representative

Y3 Rowan Healthy Week

Y3 gardening

Over a day we went outside every hour to record how a shadow moves. Have a look at what we found out!

Y3 Rowan light

In Y3 we have had lots of fun creating skeletons out of dog biscuits, we then had to try and label the bones with their scientific names!

Y3 Rowan WBD!

Light workshop!

To begin our new topic 'Light' we had an exciting workshop in school. Have a look at the pictures to see what we got up too!

Science Week!

This half term we had a very exciting Science week. We explored magnets and forces. Have a look at the pictures to see some of the fun activities we did!

Science- Edible rocks

Today in Rowan we have had lots of fun learning about how sedimentary rocks are formed. First we learnt all about how sedimentary rocks are formed, then we got to make our own out of lots of tasty ingredients! Have a look at what we got up too! 

Children In Need 2017

In Rowan we have been having lot of fun to raise money for Children In Need! Have a look at what we have been up to!


Autumn 2- Home learning

This half term in Rowan our topic is 'Extreme Earth'. Over October half term we were asked to create a piece of art which represents the layers of the Earth. Here are the fantastic home learning projects we made.

Autumn 1- Home learning

This half term in Year Three we are learning about the Stone Age and over summer we have done some fantastic home learning about our topic. Here are some examples of our work.

Flag Fen

 On the 2nd October we visited Flag Fen, an archaeological site. We saw lots of interesting artefacts from the Stone Age, we even saw a causeway that was built in the Stone Age and perfectly protected in wetland. 

Stone Age estate agents!

In English this half term we went back in time and became Stone Age estate agents. We had to work as a team to create a speech that would sell our luxury cave. We had to consider the learning we have done in topic to decide what features would best appeal to a buyer. Here are our finest estate agents at work. 


Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Planning for our latest topic

Please see below for topic overviews.