Welcome to Year 5 Maple!

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Super Space home learning!

Beautiful Butterflies!

During this term, we have been learning about life cycles. As part of this, we observed the life cycle of butterflies. We watched them turn from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. We released the butterflies, once they were fully grown.

Meet a Creature

As part of Science and our Rainforest topic, we met a variety of creatures that originate from the Rainforest. We learnt a lot of facts about these animals and even got to hold them!

Enterprise Week!

We had a great time, designing, making and selling our products for the Farmers' market.

Our Castleton Adventure!

Maple's class rewards

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This year, we will continue to use class Dojo. The children can earn a 'Dojo' for the following: Stickability, Independence, Curiosity, Respect and Creativity.

In addition to class Dojo, the children can earn 'table points' for their table. At the end of each week, the table with the most amount of points will win a small prize. This will help to develop this terms value of 'Togetherness'.

Fantastic Rainforest home learning

Over the Summer holidays, the children in Year 5 were set a 'Rainforest' project to begin our new topic. There has been a range of brilliant projects, from presentations full of fun facts to models of Rainforests. We even have a live Rainforest ecosystem in our classroom, made by one of the children!