Autumn 2 / 2017

'Bright Lights Keep On Burning'

Please take a look at our 'Bright Lights Keep On Burning' topic overview. It shows all of the learning we will be doing this half term.

Harvest Fun

Our harvest learning was exciting! We were super busy all week creating our delicious 'Cookie and a Cuppa' product.

The activities throughout the week included:

 - planning the flavours

 - calculating how many products we needed to make

 - baking the cookies

 - creating the suitcase packaging

 - adding interesting adjectives to the tag

 - creating posters to advertise the product 

 - making Paddington Bear bunting for decorations

'Zoom About'

We are super geographers!

Year 1 have jumped excitedly into their topic 'Zoom About'. We have learnt all about villages, cities and the UK. We started by looking at our school, then zoomed out to our village; Mosborough, the city of Sheffield, our country England and finally the United Kingdom.

As part of our learning we have focussed on the human and physical features of our village. Our walk today gave us the perfect opportunity to explore this aspect of geography in our local area.

Thank you to those adults who joined us on the walk. It was great to see so much learning taking place about maps, routes, roads and features of our village.

Here are some photographs of our local walk:

Year 1 Meeting for Parents


Thank you to those parents who made it to our year 1 meeting. We hope that it gave you lots of information about the journey your child will take over the next year. Year 1 will be exciting, full of new learning and challenging!

Please find below all of the documents we shared at this meeting.

If you have any further questions, suggestions or worries please come and see a member of the year 1 team.

100 HFWs.docxDownload
letter families.pdfDownload
Next 200 HFW Part 1.docxDownload
Next 200 HFWs Part 2.docxDownload
Y1 Words for Website.docxDownload
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Autumn 1 / 2017

'Zoom About'

Please take a look at our 'Zoom About' topic overview. It shows the learning we will be focusing on during this first half term.

Welcome to Year 1 Beech

WOW! What a great first week back!

Year 1 Beech have been super busy this week. We have done a fantastic job of settling into our new classroom and new routines. As year 1's we have already experienced lots of new things like; music, computing, balls skills and handwriting.

We know that it is really important that we create a wonderful environment for us to learn in. We have created and signed our class charter!

Please take a look: