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Healthy Week 2018

You Are What You Eat  . . . Be a Rainbow!

As part of Healthy Week 2018, the children in Year 1 followed our Design and Technology process to create an exciting and interesting 'Healthy Landscape'.

The idea was that children made healthy food look exciting so more people would choose healthy food instead of 'sometimes' treats and snacks.

The children used the following skills to produce their final product:

  1.  Evaluate - children evaluated their likes and dislikes. The aim was to use healthy food that they like so they would want to eat it all.
  2. Practise - children practised their food technology skills to prepare a 'RAINBOW' of ingredients ready to use. The skills included; grating, peeling, spreading and cutting.
  3. Design - children designed a 'Healthy Landscape' making links to our topic of plants
  4. Make - in groups, children create their final product
  5. Evaluate (again) - children reflected on their final product to identify strengths and areas for improvement

Summer 2 / 2018

Blooming and Blossoming

Summer 1 / 2018

We are continuing to Swim, Slither, Snap!

Sharing Stories

As part of our literacy learning we wrote our own stories based around our learning of animals and the story 'Meerkat Mail'.

We had an exciting time sharing our learning with year 4, we were lucky enough to hear the stories of the children in year 4 too!

Spring 2 / 2018

Swim, Slither, Snap!

Tuesday 16th January 1883

Today we welcomed into Beech class Miss Sharp. We had a wonderful day experiencing life in a Victorian classroom as part of our history topic.

We started our day by taking on the names and roles of children who lived in Sheffield and attended Springfield School many years ago. We put on our uniform, name badges and awaited Miss Sharp. She immediately split us up into boys and girls, we were quite shocked at this. We were told very sternly that we must call her Ma'am at all times, using our manners. Boys must raise their hat, girls must curtsy, we did this very well!

When we entered the classroom we paid Miss Sharp a penny (although 'Ernest' forgot his and got into trouble) and took our seats. Throughout the day we experienced what learning was like in reading, writing and arithmetic. We found out what happened to children who were clumsy, had dirty hands, were fidgety, told tales, were chatterboxes, wrote with their left hand and asked to go to the offices (toilets) during learning time. We also found out what happened when 'Charles' threw a book at Miss Sharp. We heard a very loud scream as he was hit with the cane three times. Uh oh!

During our play time we were able to try out our skills with toys from the past. This was really fun!

In the afternoon we tried sketching a picture and also tried writing our alphabet using ink. We had to sit in silence! We learnt about how boys were being prepared for their working life; they need to earn money to feed their families. The girls then tried sewing and were told all about how to be good home makers.

Here are some of the photographs from our day, it really was an experience!

Beech Class's Victorian Classroom Experience

Spring 1 / 2018

'Memory Box'

Please take a look at our 'Memory Box' topic overview. It shows all of the learning we will be doing this half term.

Mosborough's Burning, Mosborough's Burning!

We were all surprised with what we saw when we made our way up to the junior yard during a 'fire drill'. Oh no, it was 'Miniature Mosborough' on fire!

We immediately saw the link between this fire and our current topic about the great fire of London. We witnessed just how quickly fire can spread and were amazed to see the 'destruction' of our houses. The wind blew and made the fire more fierce. We had many discussions about how this linked to the great fire of London and it put into context the significance of this event.

Luckily, we had Firefighter Pete and Firefighter Nina to keep us safe and out the fire out. A huge thank you to them for their support in providing the children in year 1 with such a worthwhile learning opportunity.

Autumn 2 / 2017

'Bright Lights Keep On Burning'

Please take a look at our 'Bright Lights Keep On Burning' topic overview. It shows all of the learning we will be doing this half term.

Harvest Fun

Our harvest learning was exciting! We were super busy all week creating our delicious 'Cookie and a Cuppa' product.

The activities throughout the week included:

 - planning the flavours

 - calculating how many products we needed to make

 - baking the cookies

 - creating the suitcase packaging

 - adding interesting adjectives to the tag

 - creating posters to advertise the product 

 - making Paddington Bear bunting for decorations

'Zoom About'

We are super geographers!

Year 1 have jumped excitedly into their topic 'Zoom About'. We have learnt all about villages, cities and the UK. We started by looking at our school, then zoomed out to our village; Mosborough, the city of Sheffield, our country England and finally the United Kingdom.

As part of our learning we have focussed on the human and physical features of our village. Our walk today gave us the perfect opportunity to explore this aspect of geography in our local area.

Thank you to those adults who joined us on the walk. It was great to see so much learning taking place about maps, routes, roads and features of our village.

Here are some photographs of our local walk:

Year 1 Meeting for Parents


Thank you to those parents who made it to our year 1 meeting. We hope that it gave you lots of information about the journey your child will take over the next year. Year 1 will be exciting, full of new learning and challenging!

Please find below all of the documents we shared at this meeting.

If you have any further questions, suggestions or worries please come and see a member of the year 1 team.

 100 HFWs.docxDownload
 letter families.pdfDownload
 Next 200 HFW Part 1.docxDownload
 Next 200 HFWs Part 2.docxDownload
 Y1 Words for Website.docxDownload
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Autumn 1 / 2017

'Zoom About'

Please take a look at our 'Zoom About' topic overview. It shows the learning we will be focusing on during this first half term.

Welcome to Year 1 Beech

WOW! What a great first week back!

Year 1 Beech have been super busy this week. We have done a fantastic job of settling into our new classroom and new routines. As year 1's we have already experienced lots of new things like; music, computing, balls skills and handwriting.

We know that it is really important that we create a wonderful environment for us to learn in. We have created and signed our class charter!

Please take a look: