Mosborough Primary School

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Dear Hatters members,


My name is Evie and I’m in Y6 Redwood. I am delighted about my role as Hatters house team captain. I really enjoy basketball and I was very happy when I found I was a Hatter. Sheffield Hatters Basketball team is one of my favourite sporting teams to watch. I have been to see them play and I really enjoy the happiness on their faces! Look out for me in the playground if you have any ideas. Thanks for voting for me!


Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m in Y6 Olive. I’m very honoured to be your house captain, I’m very fond of Hatters and I know I can lead us to victory. I’m sure you will bring the best of yourself and make an addition to our team points. Once again, thank you for voting. Even though I’m a Y6, don’t be worried to come up to me if you need help – I’m very trustworthy and I’m willing to give you a hand. I hope you have a great year. Thank you!